About The Photographer

Portrait of Boudoir Photographer, Megan Love I am Megan Love, an erotic photographer with 10+ years of experience photographing adult entertainers. I have an equal amount of experience in front of the camera as I do behind it, so I have a unique perspective and good understanding of what ladies need and desire when they are looking for erotic images. While I do love all types of photography, boudoir is definitely my niche and gives me the greatest satisfaction.

The idea of becoming a serious boudoir photographer had never crossed my mind until around 2007. I've always been fascinated with art and photography as a hobby, and I had been posing in front of the camera for several years, but being behind the camera as a profession just wasn't something I thought about or believed I could do.

Then one day I was asked by a lady to take a few pictures that she could use on her website. She had become fed up with some of the sleazy, unprofessional escort photographers giving her subpar images and always trying to barter and "trade services." She was very pleased with the photographs we took and how comfortable it was for her to have another lady take her pictures. We really had a great time, and it was from there that I realized that I had a knack for escort photography and making ladies feel at ease during the entire process. That knack soon became a simple hobby, which soon became a passion. After 10+ years under my belt, I still love it just as much today as when I first started.

1Boudoir Photography

This is my main style of shooting and it's great for ladies of any age or body type. A boudoir session can be very simple and basic or it can be artsy and experimental. I'm comfortable with just about anything, so let me know what you're looking for and we'll make it happen.

2Photography for Escorts & Adult Entertainers

I specialize in escort photography and all adult niches where ladies are in search of unique and classy photos. I understand what it takes for models to stand out from the crowd and succeed. I know that the right images can not only increase your business volume, but they can also dramatically increase the quality of your clientele.



Whether you are a fitness model, fetish & BDSM model, burlesque or pin-up type model, or just an average woman in need of professional erotic photos, I will work with you to make sure you get the images you need.

Full List of Niches & Services

  • Boudoir Photography
  • Burlesque Photography
  • Vintage & Pin up Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Escort Photography
  • Fetish & BDSM Photography
  • Fitness Photography
  • Artistic Nude Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Image & Brand Consultation