Summer of Love in Nashville


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Summer of Love…. Megan Love Photography :~)

You’ll love your photos.

Your clients will love your photos.

You’ll love the boost in business from your professional new photos.

You’ll love the better class of clients you’ll get from your shoot.

You’ll love all of the dinner dates and extended appointments you’ll get.

You’ll love the fact that you can raise your rates and GET IT after your shoot.

You’ll love having an experienced escort who is a professional photographer capturing the real you, in a creative unique way.

You’ll love that your photos don’t look like anyone else’s photos.

You’ll love how easily I guide you into flattering yet natural poses.

You’ll love how comfortable I make you feel, even when you’re naked!

You’ll love how I know what you need to be more marketable through images.

You’ll love that I don’t feel the need to Photoshop you a whole new body, that I think you’re beautiful as you are.

You’ll love that the basic 90 minute shoot is only $500. An all-day shoot limited only by your imagination is $1500. Diva duo’s are a blast! You both save 500 each :~)

You’ll love how quickly you get your final images once you make your choices (choosing is the hard part!).

Most of all, you’ll love what you look like, maybe for the first time in your life.

What’s not to love?

Then get ready to experience the Love.

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